Together we'll create and refine your floor-plan, select a suitable lot, and then break ground on your dream home.

As a hometown builder, we are considerate and highly attentive to the details. Rest assured that you will be working with us, the actual builder through the entire process.

First, we sit down for an interview, taking special care to cover lot selection for the size of the home, and also to review your lifestyle (cars,  garage space, rooms for entertaining.) We then determine the type of home and work carefully on space planning and your choice of architectural elements, while adhering to your budget. 


Learn about the Building Process


Q: How Long does it take to build a home?

On average, custom homes typically take 6 - 8 months to build, once the design plan has been approved. We work with you to prevent delays and unexpected issues by developing a thorough and conclusive plan for your new home.

Q: What season do you need to start building?

Most new builds in the Northeast are commenced in the spring so as to take advantage of the longest stretch of clement weather. However there can be a financial advantage to starting a home in the fall when the price of lumber and labor trend lower.

Q: Can you help me with finding a lot?

Yes, we always appreciate the opportunity to assist our clients in finding a suitable lot for the home they intend to build. We pride ourselves on making sure that every home we build is customized to best accent it's lot and natural surroundings.

Q: Can you help me purchase a new construction home?

Definitely, we have worked with many clients to assist them with purchasing spec homes. Through our own experience as a builder, we are able to provide a different perspective and show the details of how each home has been built.

Q: What is your sq. ft. price?

A typical starting point today in the current market is $130 and up per sq. ft. So, for example, a 2,500 sq. ft. home would cost a minimum of $325,000 and would go up from there depending on the choice of materials and finish work etc...

Custom Home Design


The Fries Brothers are instrumental in designing your new home, and they will also work with other professionals to craft your custom floor plan. They consider your lot and will ensure the layout of your home is exactly right.